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J & P Motorcycles have been selling and servicing Japanese motorbikes and John Deere lawn mowers for over 40 years and KTM motorcycles since 2004.

The high quality of our products and our servicing expertise ensures our customers enjoy their motorcycling or mowing experience.

We also have a range of used vehicles that have all been serviced and thoroughly checked and repaired before sale, ensuring you get the vehicle in the best possible condition. Please check our second hand vehicles page for a comprehensive list connected to Trading Post & Bikesales.

There are also new bikes on these links that are going out at special reduced pricing.

J & P Motorcycles has been involved in supporting local motorcycle clubs and in sponsoring selected riders for many years. The most notable rider we sponsored in his youth is Toby Price, who grew up near Griffith and showed outstanding talent from a young age. It has been thrilling to watch his domination of Enduro and Desert racing in Australia, riding for KTM. It has been awesome to see him overcome adversity and become the youngest rider ever to finish on the podium on his first attempt at the Dakar rally. He now rides for the KTM Red Bull factory team with his eyes set on a first place at Dakar in January 2016. Go Toby!

As of 17th January 2016 he is #1 in the world at Dakar. Awesome.

Then on the long weekend in June 2016 he rode his KTM500EXC and drove a buggy to compete twice in the Finke Desert Race, with plane trips in between to get him back to the starting line. He came first in the bikes and first in his buggy class, second overall in the Car/Buggy/Truck class. Double awesome!

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